Kindergarten Connection

October 2, 2020

Welcome to Our School!

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From Mrs. Healey

Being in education is a sure way to be in tune with the passing of time. Students complete the calendar activities each day. We not only keep track of the date, but also, the days we have been in school. We celebrate the change in seasons. So, time flies and just like that, it is October. I'm proud of all our students, staff, and families have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time in our hybrid model. Our fingers are crossed that we will have the opportunity for more face to face time with our students as the year goes on.

I have the privilege of going into each classroom to hear each student's idea of how to "fill buckets" at the various places in our school. Students are practicing their listening and speaking skills by making eye contact as they shared their idea and speaking clearly with a "loud and proud" voice. It is not only great to hear their ideas, but to see their confidence growing as they shared their ideas. I've attached some photos below.

What are some helpful hints for using School Dismissal Manager?

Thank you so much for your diligence with School Dismissal Manager. While we've have few things to work out, we are now up and running. If you ever go through the car line and you are unable to scan the QR code for any reason, please pull into the parking lot and walk to the door to pick up your child.

How can I become involved in the school during the hybrid model?

The Kindergarten Academy has a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) as our version of a PTO. This year, we will be meeting virtually with our first meeting taking place on October 20th at 6:30 pm. I will send a Zoom link the day prior so that you can join the meeting. Come out and see how you can be involved. This year will be focused on producing a yearbook, having a virtual book fair in the spring, having a nonprofit spirit wear sale, and helping on the hospitality committee. Please see the link below to sign up to help in advance and see the more details about the committee responsibilities.

We need 2 volunteers to co-chair our PAC. In addition to serving as a liaison between the school and the committees, the co-chairs will also attend meetings with Dr. Leidy, our superintendent. It's a great way to get first hand information about our district happenings and get your questions answered when meeting with him. If you'd like to co-chair the PAC, please contact Mrs. Healey at 717-506-0852 or email at Dr. Leidy's first virtual meeting with the "heads" of PTOs is on Tuesday.

How will my child's progress be reported?

Our elementary schools will report progress toward the learning goals (listed on our weekly remote learning activity sheets) three times per year. You will receive your first progress report in December. Our teachers will be setting up virtual parent teacher conferences as we approach the half mark of the first trimester. You will be scheduled for a conference between October 28th and November 11th. However, you may reach out to our teachers at any time with any questions or concerns about your child's progress in kindergarten.

Mark Your Calendars!

Curriculum Night Zooms: Look for a link from your child's teacher!

October 5 (Cycle Day 3)
  • Group A Face to Face, Group B Remote

October 6 (Cycle Day 4)

  • Group A Remote, Group B Face to Face

October 7

  • Groups A and B remote

October 8 (Cycle Day 4)

  • Group A Face to Face, Group B Remote

October 9 (Cycle Day 4)

  • Group A Remote and Group B Face to Face

October 12 (No School)

October 13 (Cycle Day 5)

  • Group A Face to Face and Group B Remote
  • Fall Photos: Group A-See attached flyer

October 14 (Cycle Day 5)

  • Group A Remote and Group B Face to Face
  • Fall Photos: Group B-See attached flyer

October 15 (Cycle Day 6)

  • Group A Face to Face and Group B Remote

October 16 (Cycle Day 6)

  • Group A Remote and Group B Face to Face

Have you completed your student emergency information form?

Please check your Sapphire Parent Portal to make sure you have completed the student emergency information form under "forms awaiting completion". Mrs. Gochenaur recently sent home a gold sheet to families who have not completed that form. You will need to complete this form at the beginning of each school year. In addition to updating your contact information, this form also allows you to grant permission for certain school events. Certain events default to "yes" granting permission so it's important that you check over the form to ensure it is your preference. Students in the photos above, have permission to be a part of district publications. By completing the form, you will avoid getting additional reminders. If you have any trouble at all, Mrs. Gochenaur will be glad to help. Feel free to call the office.

Do you have a preschool age child (3-5 years old)?

Our school is fortunate to work to have a education liaison through the United Way. If you have a younger child in this age group, then consider being a part of our program below:

The “Ready for School. Ready to Succeed” program connects families to preschool opportunities for children, ages 3-5.

  • FREE Preschool workshops on zoom and in-person.
  • Preschool connections to local programs
  • FREE Learning packets and follow up activities

If you are interested, please contact Tiffany Leidy.

address: Mechanicsburg Kindergarten Academy | 600 S. Norway Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
phone: 717-766-8260