Biome Tundra Project JS

Tundra Biome Project Julia Satre

Tundra Description

The tundra is a bleak, treeless snow pile with few animals and lots of icy waters. There are many places with a tundra biome, here are a few: Alaska, Canada, Greenland, a few places of Iceland, some places in Germany, and Russia.

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Abiotic Features

Tundra Climate

The Tundra is covered in snow with hardly any trees. It's cold all year long, during the summer the sun shines almost all 24 hours. It has been named "the land of the midnight sun". Summer only lasts 6-10 weeks and it never gets warmer than 45-50* F.


The biggest mountain in the Arctic Circle is The Brooks Mountain. Most bodies of water, except the ocean, melted into Permafrost.

Biotic Features


In the Tundra few things can survive, so here are a few plants and animals: Caribou, Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Snow Leopard, Bald Eagles, and White Wolves. Plants: Bearberry, Arctic Moss, Caribou Moss, Labrador Tea, and Diamond Leaf Willow

Ecological Concerns or Issues

The Ice Age was a time that the Earth froze over and almost everything died. Today we are scared the water on Earth would dry up because all the ice caps are melting and we our rain making acid rain so the ice melting even faster.