"Unwind Moments" by Sweet Xscapes

"Xscape" the hustle and bustle....July 6, 2015


Someone calculated that we make up to 5,000 decisions a day--what to wear, what to eat, etc (Urban Faith, 2011). And then there are major decisions that extend beyond our selection of which movie to catch at the theater and have us seriously pondering which way to turn. Such decisions are not always easy, short-lived, or stress-free, as we hope to make the best decision that is in the best interest of us and those impacted.

Take for instance, a woman on the brink of choosing a job after college graduation. She has put in the hard work of studying for exams and passing her courses after many all-nighter sessions and sacrifices of her free time. She graduates with honors and has the opportunity to work for Company 'A' that has offered her a management position, beautiful office, high salary, and lucrative benefits. Sounds attractive, right? On the other hand, Company 'B' has offered her a position that has the "potential" for higher rank, a cubicle shared in an office with several other people, new graduate starter salary, and a benefits package that is no where near Company A's caliber. At Company 'A', this woman may advance professionally but is subject to a 60-hour week, on-call weekends, and out- of -town travel three months out of the year. At Company 'B', this woman will put her skills to use but may not be promoted quickly. However, Company 'B' offers a 40-hour work week, no weekends, and plenty of time at the office to complete all tasks with no spill-over into after work hours.

It might be a tough decision, as both jobs have their pros and cons.

This type of scenario is probably all too cliche, as many of us have faced tough decisions that have tugged on our hearts and our core beliefs and values. Personally, it seems like my husband or I have to face such decisions from time to time as they have us weigh in on what's best for our marriage, family, and well-being. And this is what it comes down to: what is BEST--not in the interest of self-gratifying motives but what is BEST for the grander scheme of life. Will our decisions have us full of regret and turmoil? Or will we walk with an inner-peace that no amount of status or self-satisfaction can bring?

Major decisions can be tough but don't have be so bothersome or leave us in a state of avoidance. Facing those tough decisions and making the best choices is empowering and freedom for living a life at our greatest potential.

Refresh, Renew, Transform.....

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