Parkside Elementary Newsletter: March 21, 2023

From the Principal's Office:

Dear Parkside Families,

We have had a busy, snowy winter season. Continue to send your children to school with the "Magic 5"; as you know, the weather changes quickly. As I look out the window at the snow falling, I am reminded of the folklore, "In like a lion, out like a lamb." I am looking forward to the renewal spring brings.

At Parkside, we focus on developing a "Growth Mindset." Each month, teachers nominate a student who has worked hard to build and use their growth mindset. We talk about how we can always learn something new and that it's important not to give up even when difficult. Often we enjoy doing things that come easy to us, but real learning occurs when we fail, or we face challenges. Check out our Facebook page to see the winners each month.

This is the time of the year we begin our planning for fall and our next school year. Later this Spring, we will start organizing classes for next year. I wanted to explain the process at Parkside. There are several factors we look at when making class lists. First, we strive to place students in a classroom that best meets their needs. We want each class to have a wide range of learning needs and differences. We also consider balancing class sizes, boys and girls, and the needs of the students. Even though class assignments are the responsibility of the teachers and principal, we recognize that parent input is also an essential factor. Because of all the elements we must consider when making class lists, we will not be accepting specific teacher requests. However, we still welcome parent input on your child's learning style, academic and social/emotional needs, and personality traits to help us find the best fit for your child. If you would like to provide us with this input, you can complete the Classroom Placement Form, which is available on our school website or in the front office.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) are state tests in reading, mathematics, and science that are used to meet federal and state legislative requirements. The tests are administered yearly to measure student performance relative to the Minnesota Academic Standards that specify what students in a particular grade should know and be able to do. After spring break, we administer the MCA to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Your child's teacher will let you know the students' testing days. Please make sure your children get a good night's sleep.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.

At Parkside, we Connect * Care * Inspire * Grow.


Mrs. Miller

Growth Mindset Certificate Winners

Parkside students are learning about the value of having a "Growth Mindset". Having a Growth Mindset means being able to see challenges as opportunities to grow. At the end of each month one student from each class is selected for exemplifying a Growth Mindset. Congratulations to these students for the month of February!

Parkside Staff Shows Their Support for Autism Awareness

Each year staff purchases a new T-shirt that we wear on Wednesdays to promote Autism Awareness. Our T-shirts this time say, "It's OK to be Different".
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Mrs. Wurm's 2nd Grade Class Learns About Technology!

Coach Kevin Scott's Words About Sportsmanship

Coach Scott was our long-term sub for gym class while Mrs. Christian was out on maternity leave. He left these parting words for students about having good sportsmanship.


Being a good sport is important while playing with others, both recreationally and in organized sports. Sportsmanship includes: playing by the rules, being a team player, being a good friend, owning your own mistakes, avoiding trash talk, saying "thank you", shaking hands after the game, being respectful when you win, and being gracious when you lose.

  • Play By the Rules - Teachers and officials are there to make sure the game is fair and fun, and to help keep the players safe. So breaking them can be dangerous, in addition to also being dishonest. Plus, victories earned by cheating don't feel nearly as good as honorable wins do.
  • Being a Team Player - Being part of a team means having a positive attitude and never thinking that team rules and policies don't apply to you. It also means sharing the spotlight, and not hogging the ball or the glory.
  • Being a Good Friend - If a teammate gets hurt, makes a mistake, or feels sad, you should offer some encouraging words. Never blame or taunt a team member for losing a game, giving up a score, or committing an error. You win as a team and you lose as a team.
  • Own Your Mistakes - If you're the one who drops the ball, accept responsibility instead of trying to make excuses or shift the blame to others. A good player learns from mistakes.
  • Avoid Trash Talk - Saying mean things about and to your opponents (even if they can't hear you) is disrespectful to them, to the game, and even to your own teammates. It makes them look bad too. So keep comments polite or keep them to yourself.
  • Say "Thank You" - Your teacher or coach deserves your thanks for all the time he or she devotes to your team, so be sure to say thank you when they do something that is helpful.
  • Shake Hands After the Game - Shake hands or trade high-fives and tell the opposing team "good game". This shows the other players that you respect and appreciate them. After all, it takes two teams to play - games wouldn't be much fun without opponents.
  • Be Respectful When you Win - Don't brag and gloat when the losing team is around, or make fun of them for losing. It's ok to enjoy a win. You earned it! Just don't put the other team down while you're celebrating.
  • Be Gracious When you Lose - Not every game will go your way. Take responsibility for your losses instead of blaming them on the other team, the weather, or the officials.

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Dates to Remember

3/30/23: Parkside School-Wide Bingo

3/31/23: Teacher Workshop - No School

4/3-4/7/23: Spring Break - No School

4/14/23: Early Release Day


Come join us for a fun afternoon of BINGO on Thursday, 3/30, from 12:45-1:45pm. You can sign in at the office at 12:30, purchase cards for $2 a piece and head to your child's classroom to play.
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