British Pop Art

Rehan Khan

Richard Hamilton 24 Feb 1922- 13 Sep 2011

Richard Hamilton was a British painter and artist. He was born in Pimlico London. He left school with no formal qualifications, and worked for a electrical components firm. After a few years, Richard quit and started going to Slade School of Art. Here he worked on many of his pieces.


Richard specialized in an art form known as Pop Art. This took identifiable imagery and reintroduced it. Richard got this idea from an art form known as Abstract Expressionist. Richard made Pop art the opposite of Abstract Expressionist. Abstract Expressionist took mythological objects and incorporated them into abstract paintings, while Pop art took common people and objects and showed a new side to them.


Most of Richards artwork was diffused in convention where he would display his various forms of art. He first exhibited his work in Hanover Gallery London 1955. From here Richard started going to more and more exhibitions. In 1993, he represented England at the Venice Biennale where he received the Golden Lion.