Liberty Academy Newsletter

January 13, 2016

From Mrs. Lucas: Geometry

Geometry students will have a quiz this Friday over proving lines are parallel (sections 3.3-3.4), and Algebra 2 students will have a quiz next Friday over solving radical equations (sections 4.5-4.6). Exams are worth 80% of students’ grades in Geometry and 85% of students’ grades in Algebra 2. Please refer to Mrs. Lucas website from the Academy webpage for instructional videos and calendar updates. Thank you!

Donations needed!

Our Art Department needs newspaper! If you have some to donate you can drop it off at our front office OR send it in with your student. Thank you!

From Mrs. Sohm: Art

Art Students need to have their Safety Pledge sheets signed by their parent/ guardian and returned as soon as possible. All students received their sheets in class last Friday. Students must have a completed form on file before our next project. Otherwise they will need to complete an alternate assignment. Please ask your student about their form if you have not already signed it. Thanks!

Call for fabric donations! Our Sculpture classes will be making Ugly Dolls a bit later in the semester and will be using fabric and cotton stuffing to create these projects. If you have any fabric remnants laying around or extra stuffing that you could donate to our project, we would really appreciate it! So scour the attic, the basement and Grandma’s stash to find any extra fabric you could share, bonus if it’s super “ugly”! Thanks in advance!

Cinnamon Allergy Alert!

This semester at Liberty Academy we have a few students with life threatening food allergies including students who have a life-threatening cinnamon allergy. Liberty Academy staff is working hard to control allergen exposure in the classroom as much as possible so please check with teachers prior to sending in snacks and always include the packaging.

In addition, our cafeteria will have a designated allergy-controlled zone. Any student may sit at that table provided they are not eating peanut butter, a nut product, cinnamon or any other food that a student at the table is sensitive to. We have many food items available in our cafeteria that are safe for students with allergies. The ala carte food items that have possible allergens such as egg, soy, or peanuts, will have those ingredients posted.

As has always been our district policy, food must be commercially prepared. Please do not send homemade treats to school. If your child has a specific food need you may send snacks that are safe for your child to eat. These snacks however, must be stored with the classroom teacher or his/her designee such as a substitute. Your child can access these snacks when treats are eaten in class.

If your child has any special food need and you have not made the school aware please call our school nurse, Sara DeWitt at 816-736-6898. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, as we work together to keep our school safe for all students.

Want to prep to take the ACT?

The spring ACT prep class starts on February 27th! Sign up now using THIS LINK!