In Person Instruction Returns

Marshall Street School & Job Development Program

In this update you will find information about:

  • A message from Principal Sarah Stare
  • Return to Learn In-Person Instruction
  • School Day Hours
  • Ipads
  • Wellness & Electronics Policy
  • School Safety Procedures

A note from the Principal

Students & Families,

We are very excited for the return to in-person instruction option beginning on September 16, 2020 for students of Marshall Street School & Job Development Program. Staff is working hard now to prepare for the arrival of students and ensure a smooth transition back to our school building.

I want to commend each of you for your efforts for your hard work and dedication to Distance Learning that began on August 31. While distance learning has presented us some challenges we have also seen many successes from students, parents, teachers, and service providers finding new ways to connect and engage students. I personally have been pleased to see the efforts and have enjoyed visiting "virtual classrooms" to see students.

I want to assure you that as we move back into in person instruction your child's care, welfare, safety, and security remain our top priority. Additionally at this time parents may still elect to continue with distance learning and your child's teacher will continue to work with you to ensure instructional delivery.

I encourage you to review the information below and frequently asked questions. As always, please reach out to us should you have specific questions or concerns that we can help address.

Take care,

Sarah Stare


School Day Hours

During Phase 2 of the announced return to in-person instruction, the school day for students will be as follows: 9:00-2:30 The student daily schedule will follow the current time frames used in distance learning.

*As a reminder all IEP meetings are currently being held virtually and specific information will be provided to you as needed to access meetings.


The ipad or issued device your child received for distance learning can continue to be utilized and personalized for their use. We are asking that if you elect to send your child for in-person instruction, they bring their device to and from school each day. This will allow for teachers to continue to work individually with students in school and at home. Devices will be sanitized when students enter the school, throughout the day, and when students dismiss from school.

Cell Phone Policy

Marshall Street School & Job Development Program students will be expected to follow the WCPS Electronic Device Policy regarding personally owned electronic devices (Cell Phone) when they return to school. Student incentive plans are being developed to positively reinforce students following the established guidelines. Additionally we will be working with individual students experiencing difficulty during this transition back to school.

As a reminder, students will not be permitted use of a cell phone during the instructional day. Please reference the document below to help answer common questions related to these guidelines.

Violation Protocol

1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: Teacher contact with parent

3rd offense: Admin contact with parent and confiscation of phone until the end of the school day

Violations after the 3rd offense require a parent conference with the school team to develop a personal intervention plan to support.

Student Lockers

To ensure health, wellness, and safety individual student lockers will not be permitted to be used and we are asking students & parents to limit items being brought the school to only include items that are absolutely necessary to navigate the school day.

* All school supplies will be provided by the school.

Health & Safety

When families opt-in to attend school during stage two, they agree to follow all of the health and safety protocols. Please refer to the WCPS Return to Learn Plan pp. 44-49 for Health and Safety and pp.60-65 for Operations and Logistics protocols. Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) staff and families are expected to follow these protocols to promote a safe and healthy learning environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

General Screening

Following Health Department Guidance, WCPS will not be checking temperatures of staff and students. We expect families & staff to conduct daily home screenings before attending school.

  1. If you are sick, you are to stay home and consult a physician.

  2. If you or anyone in your household has had COVID-19 symptoms, please report to the health room before going to class.
  3. COVID-19 symptoms include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If your physician prescribes self-quarantine or diagnoses a COVID-19 infection, you should contact

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required to be worn throughout the school day. This includes all time in WCPS buildings, on buses, and in vehicles.

  • If a student/staff forgets a face covering, a cloth or disposable mask will be provided to them.

  • All face coverings should cover the nose, mouth, and chin properly. If the school determines that the face covering is not adequate, a cloth or disposable mask will be provided to the student.

  • Staff will initially approach wearing a face covering as a learning opportunity to help students adjust. If a student refuses to wear a mask, an administrator should be notified immediately.

  • If a student/staff member is medically unable to wear a face covering, they must provide medical documentation for review by the school health staff. School health staff will confer with their manager and the WCPS health coordinator to make a determination of additional safety precautions that may be required.

  • This must be communicated to the school and staff a minimum of 48 hours before the student/staff member may attend school in person.

*For additional school specific guidance, please reference the MSS & JDP FAQ document below.

Social Distancing Plan

School environment health and safety remain our top priority. Traffic flow signs ensure students and staff move about the building safely to ensure appropriate distancing and direction. Classrooms are set up to support safe social distancing. Sanitizing stations are located in every classroom and throughout the building. Additional signage below as well as ongoing coaching for students in best practices ensure appropriate procedures are followed.


*Please note that at this time ONLY WCPS employees , students, and approved contractors may access the school building. No visitors or guests will be permitted beyond the main office vestibule or anywhere in building. When signing in or out, parents/guardians may wait in our new vestibule area in the main office.

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