Mrs. Coomes' News

May 16 - May 20

AR Picnic Reminders

Backpacks are not needed this day!

1. Send your child in "out of uniform bottoms" (shorts or jeans) and Fatih in Education shirt, new one from this year (gray)

2. Tennis shoes and socks

3. Sunblock already applied

4. TWO screw top drinks with their names on them

5. If they bring anything to play with please put their name on it and remind them that it is their responsibility to make sure they go home with it, NO ELECTRONICS

6. Sign your child our in the First Aid Shelter by 12pm and give your child's teacher the slip


Snack-9:30 daily - don't forget your snack and make sure it's peanut and nut free.

Lunch- 11:45 to 12:05 daily and you are welcome to join us

Monday- Library 12:55


Wednesday- Music 9:10 to 9:40

Thursday - Mass 9:00

Friday- AR PICNIC 8:30 to 12:30 at Legion Park

Very Important Dates Below

Please mark your calendars:

May 17- Primary Election Day- NO SCHOOL

May 19- 9:00 Closing School Mass

May 20- 8:30-1:00 AR Picnic to Legion Park

May 23- 9:00-11:00 - Drive In Movie Day-Bring a blanket or towel to school

May 25- Spring Fling- Inflatables in the GYM – 1st grade 8:30-9:30

May 26- 9:00 Living Rosary / Jubilee Jam immediately following

May 27- Free Dress Day/ 10:00 Closing Prayer



a peek at our week


Have your child study spelling words. TEST IS ON THURSDAY!!!!

Dreambox and read a book of your choice everday!

Last Day to take AR tests is THURSDAY!

Science and Social Studies:

medical instruments not available in the past

Important Note from the Teacher:

Picnic to Legion Park- May 20- 8:30-1:00
Our annual School Wide AR Picnic to Legion Park will be here before you know it! Parents and siblings are invited to come and spend the day with us. If you are going to eat a school lunch (pizza) you must order ahead!

Last Day Prayer Service- May 27- 10:00
We will have a Prayer Service to celebrate the year and to send our 3rd grade students off as they leave the K-3 Campus. School is dismissed after the Service at 11:00. If you are not attending, please pick your child up at school at 11:00. Please let me know how your child is getting home, especially if they are riding with someone else. We will not be using buses on the last day of school. Thank you!

**Girls please make sure you are wearing shorts underneath your jumpers and skirts.**