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Review of "Calico Joe" By Austin Kilroy

Calico Joe

Calico Joe, written by John Grisham is an amazing fictional novel that catches the hearts of all baseball lovers. The novel is a story about reunion of two players in a tragic accident that would eventually come to the end of their stellar careers. The book is set in Florida, Arkansas, and New York with many flashbacks to Paul’s childhood watching his dad and Joe his baseball hero face each other. After the accident both his dad and his baseball heroes career were over and Paul had no desire to watch baseball ever again. In the present Paul’s dad is sick with cancer and Paul’s one wish before his dad goes is for his dad to apologize to Joe for what he did, but his dad is stubborn as a mule and doesn’t quite get that no one really likes him especially Paul because of the rough childhood his dad gave him. There are many plot twists and flashbacks in this novel to make it all to confusing if you don’t follow carefully, the confusion though makes the novel even better because it his a harder read but at the end of the book you want to read it again and see what you didn’t pick up the first time around. Overall this is a must read for all sports lovers that love drama and how the most popular sport in america is played.

Review of "Treasure" by Skyler Hamm

Treasure, written by Clive Cussler, is a story of action, love, and of course, treasure. In this story, there are two main things happening that are crucial to the main plot. One of them is the takeover of Egypt and Mexico by two radical religious figures, Topiltzin and Yahmid. The other, and my favorite of the two, is finding the lost treasures of the Library of Alexandria. The whole book starts back in 395 A.D, with Romans hiding treasures from the mad Emperor that seeks to destroy it all. Then, it cuts to 1991, where NUMA is conducting a survey in the Arctic. Dirk Pitt is the main character, and one of my favorite characters in all of literature. He is accompanied Al Geordino, a friend since childhood. There, their journey begins as they find a sunken ship from the Roman era. At the same time, Topiltzin is gathering strength, promising the rise of the old Aztec empire in Mexico. Over in the Middle East, Yahmid is gathering strength as well. It will be Pitt who is going to get entangled with these villains, and I am glad he is the man trying to stop them. Clive Cussler is great at making an interesting and action packed story, as told in Treasure.
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Review of "We Were Liars" by Hannah Powers

We Were Liars is a thrilling and passionate fictional young-adult novel that is written by E. Lockhart. It is a novel full of suspense, love, hate, family, and friendship. The story follows three years of Cadence Sinclair Eastman’s life. Cadence and her cousins were born into the wealthy Sinclair family. They summer on Beechwood Island in Massachusetts where each of the four daughters of Harris Sinclair, Cadence’s grandpa, own a house which was given to them by Harris. Cadence and her cousins have the best of times while they are together on the island, until an accidental tragedy occurs that breaks up the family. Cadence then struggles with the rehabilitation of the accident and this experience changes her life forever.

Review of "The Grace Of Kings" by Daemon Thomas

“One should always be ready to stick knives between one’s ribs if that should always help a friend.” (The Grace of Kings, Ken Liu). This is an epic book whose author does an amazing job of drawing you in and keeping you drawn in till the very last page. It’s a story of betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, and love.

Throughout the story you get to watch the characters grow up and develop and become wise military geniuses and the best of brothers. This book is full of jokes and seriousness, stupidity and wisdom, good and evil/corrupted good. I strongly suggest you read this book, I give it a 10/10, two thumbs up, would read again.

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