New Habitable Planet Discovered! (By: Ashley Gordon)

Planet Information

Star type: Blue

Orbit: Gordofly's orbit is 80 AU, which is 80 times farther than Earth's.

Planet Mass: Gordofly's mass is 4 times Earth.

Volcanoes: Yes

Plate Movement: No

Liquid water: Yes

Producers: Yes

Axis Tilt

Gordofly's axis tilt is at 180 degrees. This has a huge impact on seasons because there isn't any. As Gordofly revolves around its sun it is always facing straight up so the same amount of light is hitting everywhere the same throughout a revolution. This does not mean however that it isn't colder in different places though because the most direct sunlight is still hitting it's equator.
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The Effect of Gordofly's Mass

Godofly is 4 times larger than Earth. Therefore it has a much stronger gravitational force. This will affect humans because it will feel like your being pushed down and it will feel heavier. For example you won't be able to jump as high.

Gordofly's Moons

Gordofly has 3 moons that are right next to each other and are all 3 times larger than Earth's moon. Gordofly's moons affect its tides in a huge way. Because they are so big and there is three of them right next to each other their gravitational pull is tremendous. This makes the high tides extremely high and the low tides extremely low. So if you're swimming in the ocean and it starts to change to low tide you're going to have to run a mile before you reach any water.