Standing backhandspring

Informational statement

Today I am going to inform you about cheerleading. I am going to tell you about the different skills you can do, the injuries you can sustain, and how to do a standing backhandspring.

Some of the skills you can do in cheerleading include:

- Backhandspring

- Backwalkover

- Back/front tucks

- Roundoff Backhandspring

- Handstand

- Cartwheel

- Full twists

- Layouts


There are different types of cheerleading you can do, there's school cheerleading, most schools also have sideline cheerleaders and competitive cheerleaders and you have to try out for both teams once you get to the junior varsity level (starting at 9th grade). There's also allstar cheerleading which is competitive and you have to try out for and then the coach will put you on the level team you're best fitted for.

There are three main jumps:

Equipment needed

Cheer shoes, most teams and coaches prefer Nfinity Vengeance cheer shoes. Pompoms, for school cheer the school will either provide you pompoms or you will have to buy them with the team warmups.

What skills should you have before attempting backhandspring?

You should be comfortable with doing a handstand, backbend, and backwalkover. These will help you get used to the feeling of going backwards.

How do you do a backhandspring?

To do a backhandspring you should start with your hands by your side standing straight up and down and then you fall backwards and when you feel like you're falling you're going to pretend to sit in a chair and jump on a diagonal backwards, once your hands hit the floor you are going to push off your shoulders and you should be in a handstand position and after you block your shoulders youre going to snap your legs over and bring your chest up.

Conclusion statement

I hope you had fun learning about the sport of cheerleading.