Causes of the America Revolution

Will Logan 1763-1776

The Revolution

The Revolution was when the 13 colonies were getting mad at Britain for the series of acts including the proclamation of 1763, the Boston tea party, Boston massacre and the stamp, Townsend, Navigation, Quartering, and Intolerable Acts. After these acts the colonist declared war.

Navigation Act 1650-1700s

The Navigation Act was one of the first acts it made it so if you were going to trade with some one it had to go to England first then go to its destination. You could only trade with the English or English colonial ships and sell things to the English. The Sugar Act was apart of the Navigation Act it taxed all sugar. The overall significant impact on the Navigation Act is so there would be no trading with in the colonies.

The proclamation of 1763

The proclamation of 1763 happened after the French and Indian war. It was so the the land they fought for can not be settled on because of king George III. He said that he does not want to have any more wars with the Indians and loses money and men. So he makes the appilation mountains the line they can not cross.

The Stamp Act 1765

The stamp act was seated in 1765 and was put in to tax all papers. The colonists did not like it so Sam Adams created the committees of corespondents. They were people who fought the taxes and contacted other towns how to fight the taxes. One thing people did was to boycott paper so they did not have to pay them.

The Quartering Act 1765

When the stamp act was token away Britain sent more troops top be safe. But the troops had know where to stay ands the king did not want to make spot for them to live so he released the Quartering Act. It made it so the troops can live in colonist home. It pretty much let the troops in to search your house.

The Townshend Act 1767

The Townsend Act was made taxes on big things like tea, glass, paper and other items. Then protesters started to happen and after that parliament took off the trades but left the tea tax because they needed to show that they still had taxing power.

Boston Massacre

In the Boston Massacre a crowd of people were yelling and throwing rocks at troops. The troops then shoot at them ant they all ran away. At the end of it all 5 people were killed it was so big because people made a propaganda about it.