Resource Depletion

Where did our resources go?


Oil, gas, and coal are a non-renewable resource. Right now coal is our main source of electricity. America has used 70% of the earth’s coal between the years of 2000 -2010. We are using it up too fast. It is causing too much pollution. We need to fix it by finding safer renewable resources. On May 1989, Cambridge reporters asked “Which one source of electricity will we use, 10 years from now”. The result were: Nuclear energy 28%, Solar energy 18%, Hydroelectric 6%, Coal 6%, Oil 6%, Natural Gas 4%, Wind 1%, other 5%, don’t know 23%. Unfortunately, that never happened.


We are using too much coal, gas, and oil because we need energy. It is causing water pollution, air pollution, and much more. If we use renewable resources instead, the water and air will be fine. Odors that come from shirts, humans, and cigarettes aren’t deadly but still add to the pollution every day. The sources of pollution spew particles of matter and chemicals into the atmosphere. The smoke stacks of the factories release dangerous gases into the air.


In some countries people have to wear masks to cover their faces because of the pollution. Three very common pollutants are ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. These pollutants have a greater impact on annual crops than perennial crops. Plants are more sensitive than humans and animals to the effect of air pollution. Ships carrying oil sometimes crash or leak. The pipelines that people use to move oil across long distances can leak into oceans and kill animals.


The sun's energy is free, and it can be used wherever the sun is shining. Once the wind turbines are built, they are cheap to run. They last up to 25 years and can be put anywhere even the water. Water wheels, hydroelectric power stations, tidal barrages, and wave machines don’t need gas to power and are very reliable.


We want, you the reader, to use washable towels and dishes whenever possible instead of paper products to reduce waste. Conserve electricity; turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use. In your neighborhood you can use reusable water bottles instead of using disposable platic water bottles. It takes a quarter of the volume of oil to make one water bottle. Think of how much we're wasting plastic water bottles. You can ride your bike to a close store instead of wasting gas by driving. Speeding on freeways, hard breaking, and rapid acceleration uses a lot of gas.