Creating Portal Tiles

Under 'My Tiles' in the Portal

Part 1

Add a Tile

  1. After logging into the portal, click on the cloud with the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Type in the Application name in the Search field
  3. Once you find the Application to Add, then click on the plus sign on the Application tile.
  4. Click Add to my Tiles

Click on a picture to maximize the view

Part 2

Yellow Key and Yield sign

When there is a yellow key, the username and password has not been saved. The user must put in the application credentials by clicking on the tile, entering the login credentials for the application, then click ok.

Blue Key

When a blue key appears in the upper left hand corner of a tile, the user can click on the tile to launch the application. It will auto login the program if the user typed in the correct username and password.
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Update a Tile's Credentials

  1. Right click on the tile with a blue key
  2. Select Manage Password
  3. Type in the user's Portal Password
  4. Click Confirm
  5. Enter a new Username and/or Password
  6. Click Save

Remove a Tile

  1. Right click on the tile
  2. Click on Remove from Desktop