Eng 1 Honors Poetry Project

Brandon Bent

"In the Well"

By Andrew Hudgins

My father cinched the rope, (A)

a noose around my waist, (B)

and lowered me into (C)
the darkness. I could taste (B)

my fear. It tasted first (D)
of dark, then earth, then rot. (E)
I swung and struck my head (F)
and at that moment got (E)

another then: then blood, (G)
which spiked my mouth with iron. (H)
Hand over hand, my father (I)
dropped me from then to then: (J)

then water. Then wet fur, (K)
which I hugged to my chest. (L)
I shouted. Daddy hauled (N)
the wet rope. I gagged, and pressed (L)

my neighbor's missing dog (M)
against me. I held its death (O)
and rose up to my father. (P)
Then light. Then hands. Then breath. (O)


"In the Well" has a dramatic and suspenseful tone. Higgins used the phrase "Lowered me into darkness" and "I could taste fear". These phrases establish a feeling of suspense to the reader as they want to know what is going on and what the situation is.


The theme of "In the Well" is to help others and always help out because even though there may be a chance of the situation getting resolved, you still attempted to help. As in the poem, the son had to get the neighbor's dog out the well. Even though the son was very scared, he attempted and even though the dog didn't make it at least he tried and trying is always better than not doing. As Nike says, just do it.

"A Helping Hand"

By Ray Hansell

Make a difference (A)
Each day you live (B)
Open your heart (C)
Learn to give (B)

Life for many (D)
Is so unkind (E)
Giving people (F)
Are hard to find (E)

So open your heart (G)
Give what you can (H)
We’re all responsible (I)
For our fellow man (H)

It’s so easy to look (J)
The other way (K)
But the tables could turn (L)
On any given day (K)

So help if you can (M)
For one day you may be (N)
The one who’s down and out (O)
The one no one will see (N)


"A Helping Hand" has a encouraging tone. Hansell talks about opening your heart and giving what you can. He wants all of us to go out and help people in anyway we can. Also, he says that if you help somebody, someday if you are down and out that very same person could help you.


The theme of "A Helping Hand" is to go out and help others and take care of your fellow peers. Hansell takes about how "life for many is so unkind" and "giving people is so hard to find". I feel that is whole reason he wrote this poem. Hansell wanted someone to become a giving person and help others.