Peanuts to Peanut Butter


Early Life and Childhood

George Washington Carver was born in slavery on July 12,1864.Carver was born in Diamond Grove, Missouri,United States.George Washington Carver died January 5,1943 in Tuskegee,Alabama,United States.Carver was 79 when he was deceased.(died)

Family and Marriage

Marriage: Mr.Carver was an unmarried man.Due to Carver being an unmarried man he had no children at all.

Family: George W. Carver didn't know who his father was, but he strongly believed that his father died in an accident shortly after George's birth.


More Facts About George and his Father

George's father was unknown,but George had some believes that he died after his George's birth.George turned out to be right.George's father died in a log-rolling accident shorty after George was born.

Ending Paragraph

That is my biography on George Washington Carver,the GREATEST peanut butter-making man that I know!Not only the best peanut butter- making man that I know but also a man of God! God is a BIG deal people!