Aurora Borealis Getaway!

Northern Lights Veiwing Vacation!

Thank the Solar Winds.

We have the solar winds to thank for the beautiful Northern Lights you will see on your trip. When a stream of electrically charged particles flowing at high speeds from the sun (also known as solar wind) enters Earth's atmosphere, they interact with atoms in the air. This is what created the spectacular lights display in the night sky.

There are certian conditions that must be present for the Northern Lights to form.

Besides solar winds, it needs to be a cloudless night sky up north.The closer you are to the poles, the more likely it will be to see the lights. The best times to see the lights are March and September, and at the peak of a sunspot cycle.

Aurora Borealis and Australis

Both are caused by solar winds getting caught in the atmosphere. However, the Aurora Borealis is at the magnetic North pole and the Australis is at the southern.


We look at predictions scientists have made about the sun spot cycles to guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights. We also use the 28-Day Prediction Technique. Every time we see the lights, we mark it on our calendars. Because it takes the sun about a month to rotate on it's axis, the same time next month there will most likely be a chance to see the lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will we be staying?
A: We will stay at The Gray Fox lodge in Anchorage. Alaska.
Q: How will we get there?
A: A plane will take us to Anchorage. If you want to do some sight-seeing on your own, we recommend going to Denali or Fairbanks.
Q: What did ancient people think the lights were?
A: Many tribes believed the lights were spirits dancing and playing ball. Others thought they predicted war, representing their enemies rising up.
Q: Will I need binoculars to see the lights? A telescope?
A: No. The lights can be seen with the naked eye.

Enjoy your trip!