Mr. Richey's Class Newsletter

Parent-Teacher Conferences

I want to let you all know and apologize in advance that I will not be available for conferences on October 7th. I will be available for the scheduled conferences on the evening of October 5th.

Due to this inconvenience I will make myself available to call or meet with you at a different time. I hope that I am updating you with what is going on in class regularly so you to feel like you know what is happening in class. I also understand that you want to know more about your child and their performance.

I have a survey below to try to best identify how parents would like to meet. Please take the time and complete the survey. You will not need to answer all the questions.

Curriculum Update

We started working on making connections between ratio's, rates, and proportionality. The conversations are going well and more and more I am seeing students grasping concepts. I will be starting time after school for students that would like a little extra help and will send that information out as soon as a regular day of the week is determined.

The information this year is harder than what students have done in the past, but their progress is coming along. As we progress students will become more familiar with it.

Calendar Updates

Please remember that I update my websites class calendar daily. I will include a copy of the notes that we do in class, this will include both classes as sometimes the wording or approach may differ a little.

3rd Period 7th Period

Outdoor Education

Every year the 7th grade students go on an Outdoor Education trip. As a 7th grade homeroom and class teacher I will be going on the trip Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will be in a modified schedule and working on their understanding of equations through the game Equate. We wanted to find something for students that will benefit them this year, in 8th grade and through the years of high school. Equations are a huge part of math and we want students to start thinking deeper about them. This game is challenging but enjoyable. We will continue with our normal material the Monday following Outdoor Ed.


Please be sure to be looking at student grades and talking to them and me about it. I am putting all Exit Slip grades in the gradebook as a way to build conversation. As the unit progresses we should see the scores getting stronger and stronger leading to the quiz and or test.

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