Farewell, friends...

I will miss you, Complete Castle

Dearest Complete Castle Family--

I write this to let you all know that with much sadness and after much thought, I will be leaving the clan today. I joined Full Castle and met many of you in September of last year, so this marks about a year with you all - it has been so great to get to know each of you, and I have had an absolute blast being apart of all the fun and jokes and piruting.

I will be adding a part-time job to my full-time responsibilities in the fall, in addition to leadership commitments I have with my church. Most importantly, I need to give my family the attention they deserve, and I'm spending too much time on here to do that right now... I also desire to get back on track with other personal disciplines I've put aside this year.

Just for full disclosure, I do love this game and am not going 'cold turkey,' though mebbe I should. I plan on emptying my collectors in the morning and night, maybe at my lunch break, and maybe doing an attack at those times, as well. My goal is to limit my time to 10-15 minutes per day. I don't feel I can do this in our clan, because I care about you guys too much and will end up joking around and hearing your stories and sharing mine and whatnot :).

So what I've decided is to join some other clan and purposefully not be very involved in the community (I know that sounds awful! Community is the best, but for me most time consuming, aspect if this game). I also think that if I'm only going to attack once or twice a day, being in a clan that is successful in war would be a good way to go for those attacks. PS: I'm not going TH10, eithur. Same idea in mind--I'd have too many new and interesting things to keep me overly occupied on here. Just gunna werk on walls and upgrade the royals.

I will sorely miss you all. This is a fantastic clan and a fine bunch of people I have had the pleasure of calling friends, and I really do consider you all friends. If you are ever in the Raleigh area, please do let me know and let's connect! I hope the best for each of you and your families.

I put my email address below, feel free to add me on FaceBook, though I dont really get on there much... And If I ever decide to become more active again, I hope you will have me back.

With much love--

JJ (aka "jig")


PS: I'm keepin the goat u sent me when I made eldur, alrite?

PPS: If you want to share any parting words, you can follow this link and write on this little wall (double-tap to write sumtin) http://padlet.com/Jjgard/8h1oqgpwkq0x