Kaylie Schelinske

Nessesary Things To Know When Purchasing An Akita:


A breeder located near Green Bay, Wisconsin

Ranges from $900- $1700



•Shoulder height: 24-28 in. (61-71 cm.)

•Average Weight- 75- 120 lbs.

•Life Span: 9-11 years old in human years

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Dog Licences


–Neutered/ Spayed dog: $7.00

–Non- Neutered/ Non- Spayed dog: $14.00

•No more than 3 dogs per household

•Proof of Rabies

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Other Nessesary Items

•Food (30 lbs): $27.99

•Flea and Tick Preventions (Frontline 6 pk.): $81.74

•Toys- balls, Frisbees, ropes, bones, etc.: about $30-40

•Dental Care: $4.99

•Collars/ leash: $15.99/$27.99

•Food Dishes: $13.00


•Rabies- $10-20

•Distemper- $20


•Lepospurosis- $20

•Parainfluenza- $20

•Parvo Virus-$20


Neutered/ Spayed

•This dog will get neutered/ Spayed because

•Lives in a big city

•More obedient

•Won’t get blood all over (female)

•Healthier option

•Not running away from home

•Cost Effective


•Has double coat- outer coat: straight and coarse hair, undercoat: soft and dense

•Hair on head and legs are short

•Colors: red, white, and streaked (main)

•Sheds twice a year

Special Traits

•Been used for hunting, sledding, draft work, and protection

•Known for getting hip dysplasia and eye disease