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March 18, 2019

5th IPR Grade Send

Just a friendly reminder that the 5th IPR (interim progress report) cuts-off this Friday with grades due by 5 PM on Tue, Mar. 26th. You may start loading grades this Thursday. Find Grade load instructions here. Please be sure you have complied with all campus guidelines regarding number of major, minor, and daily grades.
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Chromebooks and Flash

in December 2020, Flash support will be removed from Chrome. We currently are able to allow Flash content via Google Admin settings, but according to the roadmap for Chrome, all Flash content will cease to work in December 2020. Hopefully by then most content-providers will have switched to more modern technologies, such as HTML5, but you might want to take note if you use Flash based activities often in your classes.

5C Badge Update

We are on a roll! More folks are earning badges! Decker has a couple now, and Summers got her Chromebook! The Badge program will cut off this year on April 30, so you still have plenty of time to get in on the action!

Missing Chromebook- AGAIN

SFA #10 is missing. It is probably stuck in another cart. Please always check to be sure every computer is in the right numbered slot and in the right cart. Otherwise we have folks without enough equipment for their class.

ALSO- please know that when Victoria removes a computer from a cart for repair, we replace it with a laptop sized card that says we have it. So if there is a piece of equipment missing and there is no card, you can assume we don't know about it!

Cart Drama- AGAIN

Return your stuff on time, please.

Only take stuff you reserve.


NEW Blazer Buttons this week!

We have 5 new Blazer Buttons this week and folks are continuing to earn earn earn while they learn! DOn't forget, if you need a lanyard that will hold your badges, let me know. I have several that I will give you (for free even!)

You can find the Blazer Buttons at bit.ly/blazerbuttons