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Dr. D Ivan Young

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Dr. D Ivan Young – Master Certified Relationship Coach

A message from God to you… You may feel like it’s you against the world, but that’s a lie – you are not alone. Hardships prepare ordinary people to do extraordinary things. God sees, and He knows, how you feel. It’s easy to be in the midst of the crowd, or surrounded by friends and family and still feel as if nobody’s there. This depressing feeling seems to amplify itself ten fold especially when you feel that there’s not one single person with whom you can truly connect, or that really understands you. But, you can take comfort in this one simple fact, all of that is an illusion. You’re not alone. You’re not by yourself. God made sure of that. From birth you’ve been assigned two very special helpers. Moreover, those entities are ever present. They are there to to do one thing, comfort and protect you. Those divine entities are The Holy Spirit, and your Angels.

For some that probably sounds like a bunch of new age metaphysical baloney, but it’s not, deep down you know this to be the truth. Here’s your proof. Those times when you get the goose bumps because something is going really right, or is about to go horribly wrong; the times when you get an unshakeable desire to do something, and later you realize that if you hadn’t heeded that inclination you’d be screwed, or when you’re feeling some kind of way, but somehow a little voice tells you everything is going to be okay. Those are your Angels communicating with Your Spirit. The goose bumps are the result of the energy they give off. Put another way, it’s confirmation of an Angelic presence. Another example of this is when you look back at the prayers you’ve been praying over the last few weeks and months only to realize that most, if not all, of them have been answered. That’s confirmation of The Holy Spirit’s presence in your life, and that it is tangible and real. It’s not a coincidence that your “specific” prayers were answered. It was Divine intervention.

Today take a moment and spend some time alone with both The Holy Spirit and Your Angels. Here’s what you need to do. Sit in a quiet room alone, close your eyes, and sit up in a comfortable position, listen to this while you meditate. Allow your thoughts to come, and allow them to go. Focus only on your breath. After a few moments you will feel an unexplainable peace and transcendence. The other option is to get off your butt, get dressed, and go take a walk out in nature, a park, beach, hiking trail or any place surrounded by that which man did not create. Before you start walking, take a good stretch, then ask The Holy Spirit and Your Angels to accompany you. Ask them to speak to Your Spirit. As you walk everything you behold will take on a new significance. Step by step your Angels, The Holy Spirit, and God Himself will reveal their presence to you. I suggest you do both activities. My dear, you are not alone, God loves you, and so do I.

From God, to you, through me, Dr. D Ivan Young.

I love you madly, most sincerely

Dr. D Ivan Young