ESC15 School Leadership News

January 2020

Back by popular demand!


Thursday, January 16th

10:00 am - 2:00 pm @ ESC15 (lunch provided)

***Please Register ASAP***

Topics: Data-driven Instruction, CCMR, Reading Academies, and Lesson Planning/Pacing Tools! We will hear from a few fellow principals whose campuses made top progress in A-F.

May 2020 bring "clarity" to your leadership and your life!

Good to Know:

  1. Know of OR have a phenomenal Elementary AP? Use this link to nominate them for TEPSA's AP of the year:
  2. Are you a Title 1 Campus? This interactive checklist is a 1-STOP SHOP...DON'T MISS IT: Campus/Principal List AND/OR District/Superintendent List
  3. UPCOMING ESC15 WORKSHOPS for Administrators!
  4. Our "Administrator's Directory" is a GREAT online resource for all your questions!

2020 Harvard Applications Are Now Open!

Principals serving Texas public schools are eligible to apply to professional development courses taught in Cambridge, MA by faculty at Harvard University. Selected applicants receive an all-expenses-paid training opportunity, and become a member of a statewide network of over 1,300 Raise Your Hand Texas alumni. Applications close at 5 pm on Friday, January 24.

Click HERE to learn more!

Sharing from across Region 15!

Tracking data: Momentum happens when data is transparent, it becomes what you do!

TEA news you can use

1-PAGER - TEKS review/implementation and Textbook adoption GUIDE:

TEX-QUEST, an excellent resource!!!

Dr. Callahan wants you to know MOST districts already have access to this great resource! What is it? Click here to learn more: TexQuest General Info Sheet

  1. Super-powered Instructional Materials - TexQuest Overview with focus on classroom uses - slideshow
  2. Amp Up College and Career Connections w/TexQuest - featured resources for CCMR - slideshow
  3. Power Up Student Accommodations with TexQuest - Accommodations for EL and SPED - slideshow
  4. TexQuest and CTE - featured resources for CTE teachers - slideshow

FAQ: When will the PDF TAPR be released? TAPR IS NOW AVAILABLE. The district’s board of trustees must hold a public hearing to discuss the district’s TAPR report within 90 days. Guidelines to help districts fulfill their legal responsibilities regarding the TAPR report accompany the PDF TAPR release. The advanced data downloads, which include numerators, denominators, and rates, will be available on the public TAPR site in January.

Performance Reporting Fall Learning Series: