Start of School: iReady Grades 2-8

2021-2022 Back to School Guide for SWP Teachers

There is so much to do at the start of school it is easy to forget all the tasks that might need your attention. Use this guide to make sure nothing slips through the cracks with iReady!

This guide is specifically for the DIGITAL component iReady - the diagnostic tests and online instruction for Math for grades 2 and up.

The teaching curriculum should follow the curriculum map posted in your Google Classroom space and should begin as close to the start of school as possible.

Looking for the iReady Guide for grades K-1? Click here!

Before School Starts: Check Your Logins & Rosters

Both you and the students will access iReady through the Clever Portal. You will not need to set up your classes.

  • Can you get into iReady through Clever?
  • Do you see your classes?
  • Do your class rosters look correct?

New students will be auto-added as you add them to your gradebooks in Harmony (reading and math). This may take take up to 24 hours to appear in your class list. You will not need to create new student accounts or ask for them to be created.

If you have any questions or problems, email Rachel.

First Student Days: Check Student Logins

The first (or second) day of class, it will be a good idea to make sure your students can also login to iReady through Clever. You don't want to be ready to take the diagnostic test and discover you have login issues! Have each student give it a try. When they successfully login, they will see the test button(s) waiting for them, but they can just log back out and return to this later!

  • Can your students all get into iReady through Clever?
  • Do they see the diagnostic test button(s)?

If you have any questions or problems, email Rachel.

Prepare for the Diagnostic Test

  • Preparing students for the diagnostic test is important every time we give it. Most of our students now know what to expect, but will still need a lot of encouragement, motivation, and accountability to assure we are getting the very best efforts from them. Getting good data from the start will propel us forward much more efficiently!
  • Getting Good Data Video

    Watch this video to help you know how to prepare your students for the diagnostic test(s).

  • Presentation Slides
  • These slides can help lead you through a discussion with your students about the upcoming test.
  • If you have any questions or problems, email Rachel.
  • Administer The Diagnostic Test

    Testing Windows

    You may choose which day to give your diagnostic(s) within the designated window, but be sure to allow ample time for make-ups and retesting. The diagnostic will take students 45-90 minutes to complete depending on grade level and ability. It is best if this is given in small pieces. Determine the best amount of time for your students to work without shutting down and spread your test out. No matter when they exit, it will start them where they left off on their next login. It is ok if your testing takes 2-3 days.

    Plan time to give both the math and the reading diagnostics.

    2nd Grade - 8th Grade iReady Testing Window

    The window opens on Monday, August 9

    Testing should be completed no later than Friday, August 27

    **NOTE** you do NOT need to schedule your specific test day with Rachel Porter. The first test is automatically available at the time of the first login.


    • Students will need scratch paper, pencils, and headphones
      (students should NOT be given calculators for the math diagnostic)

    Alerts & Resting

  • Students who complete the diagnostic too quickly will be flagged with a yellow or red rush alert. You'll find these right on your teacher dashboard during the testing window like this:

  • Big picture
    Click "Monitor Student Status" to see which students received these alerts.
    Big picture
  • Students who get flagged with rush alerts should be considered for retesting (after a little chat with you!). It is ultimately your call as to whether or not a student should be retested. It should be made on an individual basis. Sometimes there are factors beyond the data that mean making a student take the test again would do more harm than good, or just not be worthwhile. However, please be intentional about this. We are setting precedents for how students will view these assessments in the future and we need the most accurate data possible to drive our instruction moving forward. Likewise, there are sometimes students who need to be retested even though they did not receive a rush alert.

  • Email Rachel to request a test reset for any student.

  • iReady My Path Lessons

    Once students complete their diagnostic test, they will be able to begin working on the lessons laid out in their differentiated learning path. Just like the diagnostic, it is critically important for you to establish an expectation of focused, quality work.

    **Note** Although the diagnostic test is comprehensive, iReady Instruction lessons only go through 8th grade standards. Older students who do well on their initial diagnostic may have few differentiated lessons or none at all.

    Student Tracking

    Having students set goals and record their lesson scores has a big impact on how seriously they take their work. It also gives you a quick reference for individual conversations about their progress and quality of work. The file below contains different formats of data trackers. The interactive digital tracker can also be used in print.

    Ideas for Motivation

    iReady has developed its very own "Pinterest" style site of ideas for motivation that have worked for other teachers using the iReady program. (Maybe you'll submit your own creative idea!?) Check it out and find something that will get your kids fired up! You'll also find lots of teachers posting their ideas to the real Pinterest site!

    Rachel's iReady Pinterst Board

    Follow my board and I'll follow yours!

    What's Next?

    Keep plugging along with student lessons targeting about 45 minutes per week. Soon, you'll want to have Data Chats with your students about their progress. Watch for resources to make this happen in Rachel's Weekly Update as the year progresses.

    The Diagnostic test(s) will be given again in December.

    Rachel Porter

    I'd love to help you learn more about implementing iReady. Contact me with questions specific to your classroom!