Ozian Report

January 11, 2014

The Yellow Brick Road - Notes for the Cast

Off Book

All cast members need to be "Off Book" by February 3, 2014. Off Book means that no scripts will be allowed and all cast members must have their lines memorized.

Practice Logs

Practice Logs will be passed out and collected at Monday's all cast rehearsals. This process is meant to teach the cast members, not only the ins and outs of show business, but accountability as well. Please make sure they put in their allotted practice times and initial the log.

Tornado Tidbits - Notes For The Parents

Congratulations Camella!

Camella Cooper has been promoted from Stage Manager to Assistant Director/Stage Manager. She will team with Linda Morgan as an additional Assistant Director. You can still contact Camella for any questions and concerns.

Health Information

One of our student directors, although vaccinated, has come done with the Chicken Pox. She was at the Monday rehearsal and interacted with some cast members. We imagine that most of our cast members have received the chicken pox vaccine, but we want to make everyone aware that they may have been exposed. There is typically a 21 incubation period before symptoms occur. Please be on the look out and keep us informed. Here is a link from the Center for Disease Control on Chicken Pox: http://www.cdc.gov/chickenpox/

Shirt Sizes

We typically use a lot of tee shirts for costuming. Sarah Shores and Eleni Hub, our trusty Costume Designers/Managers will be in touch regarding tee shirt sizes.

The 4 Saturdays Before Showtime

We checked with Ms. Toller and the auditorium is available for the 4 Saturdays prior to the performance. As mentioned in the Orientation packet, these Saturdays will be for set construction and for longer rehearsals. We will have more details as we get closer, but we wanted you to have these dates to put on your calendar.

Saturday, Feb. 15 Set construction in the auditorium/rehearsal in Room 14. Times TBD

Saturday, Feb. 22 Cast rehearsal in the auditorium. Time TBD

Saturday, Mar. 1 Set construction in the auditorium/rehearsal in Room 14. Times TBD

Saturday, Mar. 8 Cast rehearsal in the auditorium. Time TBD.