The Space Race!

By Eliza Howard

Basic Info :)

The race to space between the United States and the Soviet Union became known as the Space Race. These two competitive countries "raced" each other to see who could accomplish more in outer space. The Soviet Union was the first country to successfully have a man in space, Yuri Gagarin. United States, only a month later, sent their first man into space, but sent the first man to the moon. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong created a historic day that the United States will never forget.

Cold War and Space Race parallels

The Space Race happened during the Cold war, they have many things in common:

  • They were between the Soviet Union and the United States
  • Propaganda was used to support the cause
  • The countries were seeking to prove they have the power and capability to out do the other.
  • Soviets would strike first, then the United States would respond
  • There had been a similar event within the Cold War called the "Arms Race." The Soviets launched the first satellite into space- United State following behind.
  • There were no combat battles between the Soviets and the Americans
  • There was paranoia and disbelief- during the Cold War many people didn't know who to trust, and in the Space Race, some people didn't believe that the United States had legitimately landed on the moon.
  • There were times the States' plans didn't according as hoped (Apollo 13, outcome of Vietnam War)

More similarities :)

Why were these events of any importance?

The Cold War contained many events (including the Space Race) that drastically changed America. After Kennedy being assassinated, landing on the moon brought excitement to every American. The United States had "mood swings," the country would be paranoid by the thought of communism and Soviet spies, celebrated when there was a victory, and became annoyed by war. Throughout these events the United States was competing against the Soviet Union. The whole "war" was about who can out-do the other, and the United States had much more success. Not only did it boost the States' confidence, it set goals for later achievements. It had opened a door to many Americans to see the potential of what their country was capable of doing.

To the moon!!!

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