3rd Grade Newsletter

February 5th, 2018

What are we learning about this week?

Reading/Writing: Folktales

Over the next few weeks students will begin to explore different types of traditional literature such as fairy tales, folktales and myths.

- Analyze and draw conclusions about themes

- Listen to stories and read stories that reflect the different origins(different versions of Cinderella for example)

- Compare and contrast the settings and identify the author's purpose

- Explain how the character changes in the story

Please feel welcome to bring your favorite tall tale, folktale, etc. This is a very engaging unit and the students seem to enjoy it every year!

Aesop's Fables

Babe the Blue Ox-Tall Tale

Science: "Machines Matter" In this unit students will learn that forces cause change and that energy exists in many forms. Students are introduced to mechanical energy and build on their understanding of light, sound, and heat energy in everyday life. Students demonstrate how pushing and pulling can change the position and motion of objects. Students observe forces, such as magnetism and gravity, acting on objects.

Machines Matter -Student Site They will need their Google login.


Math: Unit 5 returns to the study of multiplication, especially as it relates to division. Students again build arrays, but use them to model and solve division as well as multiplication problems. Story problems play a major role in the first two modules, helping students to connect their everyday experiences with division to more formal mathematical concepts. As they solve and pose story problems, students encounter two different interpretations of division—sharing and grouping—and have numerous opportunities to build understandings of both.

Family Newsletter and Resource

What is an array?

Division Race

Repeated Sets Game

Multiplication Game

The Leader in Me

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand Before being Understood

I encourage you to partner with us in teaching your student to practice The Seven Habits at home. To learn more about The Seven Habits and how they can be used at home, visit "Parent's Place" at



Spelling: Unit 17

sure, knew, it's, try, told, there, little, still, today, once, often, school, its, however, different, began, then, know

Spelling City


Read 80 minutes and record in your planner.


We are moving on to the next unit this week and will be focusing on both multiplication and division.

With that said our homework will be to practice your multiplication facts for at least 40 minutes this week. We are moving on to the concept of division and having multiplication as a foundation is crucial.

Multiplication Dice Game - Optional but fun!

Valentine's Boxes: Please bring your decorated box to the Valentine's party

on Wednesday February 14. There will be a contest for the

Most Beautiful, the Most Creative, the Funniest, and the

Most Unique. The box needs to be about the size of a

shoebox (please no larger) with an easy way to drop in

Valentine cards and an easy way to retrieve them. If you

choose to bring Valentine cards, make sure you bring one

for everyone in the class. Thanks for your cooperation and


Important Dates

Friday, February 9th SMILE It's Picture Day!

Wednesday, February 14th Valentine's Party @ 10am

Friday, February 16th Fun Run Kick Off