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Children often see school as an extension of home, where they belong, are loved, and are encouraged. Leaving this home can feel stressful of scary for children. Whether children are moving to a kindergarten classroom down the hall, or to completely new schools, may will experience strong emotions like fear, anxiety, extreme joy, excitement, sadness, or frustration. Some children may be familiar with kindergarten already because of older siblings who have gone through the transition. No matter the circumstance, children will have lots of questions about what lies ahead.

In the classroom, we will support kids by using strategies to help children’s social emotional development as they prepare to leave the comfort of Pre-K 4 and move on to kindergarten. This week we talked about what a kindergarten classroom looks and feels like. We asked students what they already know about kindergarten, and made a chart depicting what things will be similar and different. I am happy to say that students seem very enthusiastic about moving on to kindergarten, and as the last few weeks of school go by, I am sure they will all be kindergarten ready!

Books we read this week!


About the End of the Year Show

PK 4.4 has been putting together a special ceremony to show you all the wonderful things we have learned throughout the year. We are so excited to share them with you on Thursday, June 9th! Our show will take place at 9:00 a.m. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Please send the students wearing
(Boys) jeans and a white T-shirt

(Girls ) can wear a white dress

Please send them in the school bus so that we can get ready before the celebration takes place and have everything and everyone set up and ready in the morning before parents start showing up!


Thanks in advance to all the families who will be able to come and participate! If you or any family member will not be able to make it, we suggest your child not to come on this day as it tends to be very difficult for them.

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  • End of the year show (moving up ceremony) on June 9th at 9am
  • End of the year party (in school) on June 15th at 11:00am
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