Dribbling to Victory

2nd period. E.J

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Dribbling to Victory

The ball is your guide to victory

The waterfall of sweat dripping off your face

Trying to get a grip on the rough leather of the ball

The opposing team, ahead in the race of precise shots

With your team falling faster into the vortex of time

All hope seems to be lost

But you can't give in now

You've come way to far just to give in to the pressure

Wiping the sweat off of your face

With only seconds to go, you race down the court

Your passes are lightening bolts in the storm of players

You find the ball in your hands with 3 seconds left

Before you shoot you say a quick prayer

Blessing the ball on its journey to the hoop

You release it's cold leather out of your hands

Time is now quicksand as you hear the swoosh of the net