Juan Ponce De Leon

By Damian W.


Juan Ponce De Leon was a explorer born in 1474 in , Santervas De Campos, Spain. He was a Spanish explorer who sailed to North America. He died in 1521 in Havana, Cuba.

Young life

Ponce was poor and was a soldier from a young stage of life. He recived education , fighting skills, manners and religion while under command from Pedro Nunez De Guzman. He helped a 10-year conquest of the Muslim kingdom of Granada in southern Spain. He was a great solider and used his skills to go on adventures. He traveled to Haiti and dominican Rep. He later began his exploring.

North America

In the 1513, Ponce sailed to Cuba. He sailed to the islands but he did not know where to go. He landed in Cuba and then sailed to places like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and many more. When he finally landed in Florida he then wanted to explorer ever island. In 1521, he sailed for the 3 time to Florida and got attacked. He survived until he got to Cuba and he died there

Fountain of youth

In the early 1510, Ponce De Leon was told about the "Fountain Of Youth" . He heard that it would turn old people young. He explored Florida because that is where ha was told to go. Really, There was no Fountain Of Youth. He searched and never found it.