wild turkeys

BY: Mallory Rene

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wild turkeys live in forests,grasslands,and wetlands in north america. they sleep in trees at night. wild turkeys from groups called flocks Turkeys live in deep woods in brushlands, and on the borders of swamps


wild turkeys peck at food with snorty carved beaks They eat nuts leaves,berries and plants wild turkeys also eat insects, snails and spiders.


the feathers are tipped velvety black. the head and neck are bure and wrinkled and are redish moteled with blue. the plumage of the male bird is a greenish bronze with gold and coppery reflections a long brisly beard hangs from the center of the chest the turkeys tail is broad and rounded


wild turkeys are brown black white red and orange These colors help it to use camouflage and blend in to its surrondings.

Interesting facts

Female turkeys cluck male turkeys gobele. turkeys raised on farms are twise as big as wild turkeys.Male turkeys are more colorful than females.