The Columbine School Shootings

One of The deadliest school shooting in U.S. history

What happened in the massacre?

On April 20th, 1999, two high school seniors known as Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, began to attack Columbine High School. They went into the school in the middle of the day with the intentions of killing their peers with guns, knives, and bombs. They aimed to kill those who had bullied them such as jocks for their pure enjoyment. The day resulted with 12 students dead, 1 teacher dead, and more than 21 people injured. Lastly, they both committed suicide.

Improvement of School Protection

The Columbine school shooting had a major impact on how we protect and conduct or schools today. The state house bill 422 was a result of the Columbine tragedy, and mandates was passed that requires the principal of each public and non public school to conduct – once each school year – a school safety drill to instruct staff in procedures to follow when students need to be secured in their school building rather than evacuated. Today, our school runs numerous of safety drills in order to prepare staff and students for an emergency situation.

Improvement on Bullying and Mental Awarness

Dylan and Eric were victims of bullying done by their peers which was a leading factor in the growth of their hatred and unhappiness. Bullying is taught on campus to bring awareness to the crucial effects it brings upon someone. Programs such as unity, bring awareness in prevention of this action. In addition, programs about teen health have been made available to parents in high school. These programs educated parents on how to detect low self-esteem, depression,and anxiety in their children.

Ironic or Intentinal?

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris decided to plan their attack on April 20th. April 20th is the day Hitler was born.

Columbine Massacre