Web Tools

The following COPPA approved websites may be used by CMHS to produce projects online under the guidance of a teacher.

If there are suggestions for additional sites to be added to this list, please email Mrs. Parker (adrienne.parker@cabarrus.k12.nc.us).

The sites were checked in March 2016 for their adherence to COPPA Regulations. See below the age requirement of students to use these sites without parental permission if the site requires a student to log in.

Parents that are concerned about these sites should visit them for more information on the privacy practices employed by each site. See the bottom of the page for some information about the COPPA regulations.

Appropriate for 13+

60 Second Recap - watch or create a video book report

Animoto - create videos

Be Funky - photo editing

Big Huge Labs - make neat things from photos

Blabberize - make photos "talk"

Blogger - create a blog (will be prompted to immediately sign in with Google Apps account.

Brain Flips - flashcard maker

Canva - create images and posters

Cobo Cards - make online flashcards. Also available for mobile devices.

Dipity - online timeline

Free Music Archive - download free music (even though the music is free, please remember to follow copyright laws).

Glogster - create online posters

iCivics - learn about civics and the government

Khan Academy - learn math

Live Binder - create a digital three ring binder

Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary - Looking for some definitions? The twist to this dictionary is its visual appeal.

My Histro - interactive timelines on a map

New York Times Learning Network - news source for students

Quia - Online site for quizzes - used by some CTE classes

Quizlet - make flash cards

Timetoast - create online timelines

ToonDoo - create comic strips

UJam - create and edit your own music

Voki - create an avatar that speaks

Wix - create a website

Appropriate for 15+

No account creation necessary

No age requirements listed

COPPA Information