President Jackson

About Andrew Jackson's Presidency

Spoils System

The practice of government jobs to political backers. If you voted for Jackson, then you would receive a job. He could've given somebody a job that they were inexperienced with.

Nullification Crisis

There were 2 tariffs passed called the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832. Nullify means to make something invalid. During the nullification crisis, President Jackson passed a bill called the force bill, which made South Carolina pay their taxes. The nullification crisis was resolved by the compromise tariff of 1833.

Trail of Tears

Over 4000 Cherokee died on the trail of tears. What caused the trail of tears was the Indian removal act. This allowed the U.S. government to "exchange" the Indians land with less desireable land west of the Mississippi.

King Andrew The First

After his veto of the bank of the united states bill, president Jackson's opponents accused him of abusing his Presidential powers. This cartoon shows Jackson as a brutal king, stepping on the constitution.
Dear Editor,

As a Cherokee Indian, Andrew Jackson is without a doubt the worst U.S president. Once Jackson became president, he allowed whites to move onto our land. He also allowed Georgia to extend their state law to include the Cherokee nation, this called into question our sovereignty and declared our laws void. Then in 1830, congress passed the Indian Removal Act. It is for these reasons the Cherokee nation is not happy with the presidency held by Andrew Jackson.

Dear Editor,

As a frontiersman, I am more than happy with president Jackson's presidency. President Jackson condemned anti slavery agitation, favored cheaper public lands and used his position to clear Indian tribes west of the Mississippi. President Jackson used executive powers vigorously, defying congress, vetoing more bills that all presidents combined before him. It is for these reasons and more that President Jackson was re-elected and known as the president of the common people.