Teachers As Writers

#MichED Chat 3/23/16 with Troy Hicks and Janet Neyer

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"To be a teacher-writer is different than being a teacher or being a writer. It is to be one who both engages a process of composing and one who engages others in doing so. It is both to guide students and to work alongside them. It is to claim a vision of writing as something more than the mere transfer of information or as the mere completion of a formula. To be a teacher-writer is to raise your voice and let your writing be as powerful as it can be." ~Anne Elrod Whitney


Q1: What are some ways that teachers can take on roles as teacher-writers?

Q2: What spurred your interest in becoming a teacher-writer or in learning more?

Q3: How can being a teacher-writer impact the teaching of writing in a classroom or school?

Q4: If you are a teacher-writer currently, what do you write about and how do you share?

Q4A: If you are interested in becoming a teacher-writer, what would you like to write and how do

you envision sharing?

Q5: In what ways do you share your writing with students, either as an example of your process or as a mentor text?

Q6: Given we work a full-time job as teachers, how can a teacher-writer make the time to write?

Q7: What is the best advice or resource for teacher-writers?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

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