Aj Lee Resiency

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Growing Up

Aj didn't have the typical life growing up. She lived in hotels and cars and she had siblings and a big dog. So it wasn't easy for her. Growing up in Union City, New Jersey poor made it hard for her dream to come true.
WWE NXT: Meet NXT Rookie Diva A.J.

Birth Of A Dream

Aj's dream was to be a WWE Women's Wrestler. This all started at age 12, her brother was into wrestling way before her and then one day she went into his room and started watching wrestling. That's when the dream was born. Since she was poor, she had to save up money to go to wrestling school. $1,500 dollars to be exact. Through this all she still followed her dream.
AJ Lee - The Best Diva In The World

About Her Character & Being A Role Model

Aj was a Crazy Chick, or people refer to her as the girl next door.

Aj was also a role model, she has inspired me to follow my dream to be a WWE Women's Wrestler and she has inspired little girls all around the world.

Being Eliminated

AJ was eliminated from Season 3 of NXT, but she refused to quit. In this video this was her speech.
WWE NXT: A.J. is eliminated from WWE NXT

Being Used As A Sex Appeal

Aj was first used as a sex appeal when she first came to the WWE. They had her dating some of the top superstars. Even though she made it to her dream job it didn't go as she dreamed it would.

Becoming Diva's Champion

On 6-16-13, she became Diva's Champion. She defeated her best friend Kaitlyn, this day was so special she got the date tattooed to the back of her neck.

The Tattoo

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Making A Change

Diva of the Year: 2014 Slammy Award Presentation

Making A Impact

Before Aj came the Women's Division was referred to as the bathroom break. Then when she became Diva's Champion the Women's Division became watchable.

Pictures Of Her Journey


Aj retired even though the reasoning is unclear the reason she retired because her husband CM Punk was released from WWE on their wedding day.


Aj grew up poor but still followed her dream. She was rejected but came back and followed her dream and became Divas Champion.


  • "Talent is not sexually transmitted."
  • " I don't want to do what my idols did,...I want to do more than they did. And I feel like I'm on my way."
  • "This is over 10 years in the making for me and just a dream come true. I'm the luckiest person in the world."
  • "Break the rules. Be a fighter. Any dream is possible if you are brave enough to do it YOUR way."


  • Longest Reigning Divas Champion Until Nikki Beat Her Reign
  • 3x Divas Champion
  • Has Her Own Dog Business
  • 3x Diva Of The Year

After WWE

Aj has a dog company now that helps homeless dogs find homes and helps stand up to dog fighting.
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