Weekly Update

Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

January 6th-January 10th

What a GREAT first week back!! The kids are ready to learn and are excited to be back at school. After hearing about all of their fabulous adventures over Christmas break, we jumped right back into our usual routine. This past week in language arts, we did a book study with Olivia. She is a little pig who is full of life and loves to experience new things. We did a Venn Diagram that focused on what makes us special, what makes Olivia special and how we are all similar. With the help of Olivia, we studied the modern artist Jackson Pollock and created our own splatter paintings. On Friday, we explored paintings done by Degas that Olivia loves. We recreated the Ballet Rehearsal and wrote our own stories about that painting. The students were very excited to learn about fine art and to try to make their own versions of it. The unit on Olivia has been our introduction to learning how to respect different view points and varying ideas. We will continue to focus on this through the month of January and we will end this unit with celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day and creating self portraits and writing poems about why we are all special and unique. In Reading and Science we have been discussing shadows and how they are created. On Monday, we did a science experiment on how our shadows change throughout the day. The students were so excited to see how the shadows changed! We will most likely do this again because the weather was a little cloudy and most of the shadows disappeared. We will also begin discussing the patterns in weather and the patterns of the seasons. In math we have been discussing measuring. Yesterday during rainy day recess, we used Legos to measures varying items in the classroom. We even made a tower that was almost as tall as the classroom! The Three Kings came to our classroom last weekend and left behind some of their golden coins which were actually chocolate! It was nice to come back to a treat after the long break. We are still continuing to hear bible stories discussing the different themes and ideas behind each story. In Social Studies we have begun our America unit. We are focusing on what makes our country special and why we are a melting pot of diversity. An upcoming homework assignment will be to create a family tree that highlights your culture and heritage.

Housekeeping :)

Please remember that homework needs to be done in pencil and then colored with crayon.

Towels need to be sent in on Mondays for rest time.

Catholic Schools Week is quickly approaching (the last week of the month). Please be on the lookout for information about this.

Have a fabulous weekend!!