Freedom of Expression

1st Amendment

Tinker Vs. Des Moines

Students were wearing arm bands that represent the viet nam war and adults saw that as protest but it didnt disrupt education or start any violence. Tinker vs. Des Moines argued students have the Freedom of expression/speech according to the 1st amendent. The school argued that certain clothing is a distraction. The supreme court was figuring out what to settle which was rather student can wear certain clothing. The US supreme court 7-2 in favor of the students (tinker), holding the students political expression was protected by he 1st amendment, and did not constitute a disruptive or threat to the school environment.
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Jared Marcum.

Jared Marcum is an eighth grader who attends middle school in West Virginia. He was suspended and jailed for wearing a NRA shirt that supports the first and second amendment. His shirt states" Protect Your Rights" with a gun and at the bottom is says the 2nd. A teacher demanded him to take his shirt off or turn it in side out. He refused and she took him to the office and the police showed up and took him down to the station and he told the officer he has right to wear his shirt and it supports the bill of right the officer charged him for being unreasonable and he was suspended from school and the next day almost half of the school wore NRA shirts to stick up for Jared and he soon got his rights from the school later on..

Students Have Rights just as Any Other Person.

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The Tinker Vs. Des Moines Case has affected every student in this world today. the video below is about Jared Marcum. His rights were not protected and he shouldn't have been treated this way. This just goes to show how much the federal and state actually protect our rights and how much freedom we really have than what we thought we had.
8th Grade Student Suspended, Arrested Over NRA Gun t-shirt - Logan Middle School