Media's affect on teen sexuality.



Music is a big influence on what we think about sex. The genre with the most talk of sex is rap. Rap talks about many things dealing with sex.

It exploit's both men and women body's.

Movies and Tv

Movies and television is also a big part of how teens see sex because most movies and shows in this day in time, women and men both exploit there body in big ways.

For example the movie Friends With Benefits, show s how you can have meaningless sex just so you don't have to be alone.


Showing skin is fine right, that's how the media wants us to see it. You see it everyday in magazines and in the mall the super skinny model showing off her legs in the super short dress, this is how most advertisements are set up for us to think "oh if i wear that maybe i will be a little more sexier, just like the model."

Many advertisements make you think like this.