Zhang Ruimin


Early Life

- Zhang Ruimin was born into a working class.

- He joined the Red Gaurds.

- Started his career at a construction company.

His accomplishments

· He is determined because he was born into not much, and he made a lot of money because of his determination

· Zhang wanted to learn so much that after working he would bike down to his management courses, this shows his hard-working skills

· His leadership and drive made him want to become the manager of the company, eventually he became the manager, and led the company.


· I think I share his determination, when I am determined to do something I set my mind to it, and complete it.

· His hardworking makes me want to follow him. He worked so hard at his goal and that inspires me.

·To be a leader you do not need all of the qualities. You can be a great leader and only have a few qualities a leader has. The top three things I think a leader needs are

· Responsibility

· Hardworking

· Determination