Fulton Focus

For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

December 16, 2016

A message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

The December Board of Education meeting was earlier this week. Historically, at this meeting, the District’s Auditor presents their report on 2015-2016, FY 16, district financial transactions. Again this year, I am pleased and proud to report to you that our Auditor’s opinion is unqualified or more commonly known as a ‘clean audit’. The Audit Report is found on the District web site. When reviewing the report, I suggest that the following areas will provide a quick overview:

· The Management Discussion p.p. 4-10;

· Revenues by Fund and sources, p. 39;

· Expenses by Object and Funds, p. 40; and,

· Note 6 Bonds Payable p. 32.

From the quick overview, you will be provided with a sense of district financial stability and management. Obviously, the Audit contains other vital information which is reported to various regulatory agencies. Questions regarding the Audit or any financial items may be directed to me at any time.

As you review the remaining Focus items, please pay particular attention to the information regarding Mumps. To my knowledge, no known cases of Mumps are evident in FPS; yet, we have been advised to be aware of potential issues arising from University of Missouri students as they leave campus for winter break. If your family has selected not to participate in the immunization program, you will be receiving specific information regarding guidelines the District is to follow should Mumps be identified in the area.

Finally, the weather forecast is cold! Please monitor your child to ensure they are wearing weather appropriate clothing and outerwear.

Thank you for sending us great kids to work with!


Jacque A. Cowherd, Ed.D.


Mumps Information

Dear Parents,

Fulton Public Schools is sending this information so you are aware of the possibility of Mumps in our community. At this time, FPS has NO known cases of the Mumps.

What is Mumps? Mumps is a viral illness that can be prevented through vaccination.

The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services, other local public health agencies in Missouri, and DHSS continue to receive additional reports of mumps cases among persons associated with the University of Missouri in Columbia (MU). A total of 193 laboratory-confirmed and probable cases of mumps have been reported as of December 7, 2016. Although the majority of cases continue to be reported among university students, new cases linked to the outbreak are now beginning to occur in persons outside the university setting. Students and other persons potentially exposed to mumps have and will continue to travel, especially during the holidays and at the end of the fall semester.

Symptoms :

  • Swollen glands in front of and below the ear. Headache or a fever. It may take 12 to 25 days for symptoms to start.


  • By coughing or sneezing.

  • By touching contaminated hands, objects, or surfaces.

Contagious Period

  • For 2 days before until 5 days after swelling begins.

Call your Healthcare Provider If anyone in your home:

  • was exposed to mumps and has not had mumps or mumps vaccine in the past.

  • develops symptoms of mumps. A blood test may be done.


  • Immunizations at 12-15 months and 4-6 years.

  • Students who refuse immunization should be excluded until at least 26 days after the onset of swelling in the last person with mumps in the affected school or child-care center.

  • Parents should keep infants away from individuals suspected of having mumps.

  • People who have close contact with infants should be up-to-date on their immunizations.

  • Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. Use a tissue or your sleeve, NOT your hand! Dispose of used tissues. Wash hands after touching anything that could be contaminated with secretions from the nose or mouth.

  • Clean and disinfect anything that comes in contact with secretions from the nose or mouth. Use a product that kills viruses.

  • DO NOT SHARE anything that you put in your mouth, for example: beverage containers, eating utensils, cigarettes, toothbrushes, and lip balm.

Have a safe and healthy Holiday Break!

Kathleen Tucker, BSN, RN

Director of Health Services

Fulton Foundation Grants, continued!

Makerspace--Bush Elementary--Leslea Alexander and Kendall Stradford

This grant allowed the Bush Library to expand their current Makerspace. Additional items will be purchased to expand the program.

OSMO in Kindergarten--Bush Elementary--Debra Hunter and Kara Wagner

OSMO is a hands-on education system that allows students to interact with the iPad by using cooperative learning. Students interact with an iPad using physical manipulatives and the system provides positive feedback. OSMO can be used to customize lesson plans and differentiate for individual levels of learning.

Creation Station--McIntire Elementary--Cami Webb

This after school program focuses on developing STEAM skills, problem solving, and critical thinking in 4th and 5th grade students. This is a continuation grant that will be used to purchase additional supplies.

Connecting Kindergarten through Service Learning--McIntire Elementary--Amy Caswell, Shauna Smith, and Melissa Milius

This program will allow kindergarten students to apply leadership characteristics with service learning. Projects such as animal collars for the animal shelter, field trips to local businesses and attractions, and other activities will help students learn to help others while learning.

Important Dates

December 13 - January 17: Board of Education Candidate Filing

December 21: End of 1st Semester (Full Day)

December 22: Winter Break Begins

January 3, 2017: Classes Resume

January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday NO School

January 30-31: Professional Development for Teachers NO School

February 17: Professional Development for Teachers NO School

February 20: Presidents' Day NO School

March 27-31: Spring Break NO School

April 4: Board of Education election

April 14: Mid-Quarter Break NO School

May 16: Last Day of School; Dismiss 2 hours early

May 19: FHS Graduation, Champ Auditorium

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