Deathly Hallows Rachel Jobe

By:J:K Rowling Period 10-12


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is about 3 young wizards who go search for pieces of Voldemort's soul called Horcruxs. Harry and his friends find Horcruxs in odd objects, then they destroy them. They have help along the way but the Death Easters follow them. When they get them off their trail, they race to get the horcrux before Voldemort does but, it quickly unleashes in a bloody battle. Hogwarts students vs Voldemort's army. When the Horcrux is destroyed, Harry and Voldemort fight and Harry quickly wins and kills him. A lot of loved ones were lost, but Voldemort was finally finished!

Symbolism,Theme and Conflict

A object that symbolized something greater is the snake named Nagini, was actually a horcrux that Voldemort turned into one. The theme in the book is Good vs Evil. The conflict is Voldemort and his army of death easters trying to take over the wizarding world.


Guaranteed to love this book

Book Recommendation

The reason that I like this book is because its action pack and you will be eager for more. There are lots of parts where I didn't think that would happen. I love that its a fantasy book and all the magic in it. The school, Hogwarts is kind of a similar life style, besides the magic part. I love all the characters in the book specially Hermione cause she's a lot like me! I hope I this book and the series!


hope you like this book!!!!!!