First Peoples in Canada

1945 to 1999

What Happened?

First people in Canada also known as First Nations were people who faced a lot of injustices like African Americans for example.There was a difference between two groups in this case Caucasian and aboriginal people. The Caucasian wanted to make life hard for the aboriginals. First people had to suffer all throughout this period from 1945 to 1999. These injustices resulted in unfair things. Donald Marshall Jr an aboriginal who was convicted of murdering his friend. Donald Marshall Jr was later found to be innocent making him wrongly convicted. Helen Betty Osborne was another victim of this injustice these aboriginal people faced. She was found dead one day after being kidnapped a day before. Helen was on her way to having a career of being a teacher. There were people who did not wanted this for her and decided to act. These were some example of the injustices they faced. These two people are heroes for the first nations. As stated in, it says, "His name should go down in history as a sympathetic individual who had the rights of the Mi'kmaq people close to his heart". This shows how the aboriginal people loved him for the fight Donald was showing. First nations people were treated badly because they were thought to be less. First people mistreatment began when they wanted the rights. The other Canadians in the society did not agree to give them those rights. The Caucasians thought first nations had so many benefits to them and they wanted for them to not have them.

Research Question: Has the statement of reconciliation changed how first nations are treated nowadays?

Aboriginal people still face the injustices and problems with their environment. It gets to a point that African Americans, as we know, are a bad example of racism the first nations are treated even worse. Canada is a top racist country ranked two. It's a problem that has to be fixed. First Nations treatment has not changed even though they have seen injustices on others like Helen. They have to notice that what they are doing is still a problem and racism should change it gets you nowhere. Aboriginal are like anyone else humans so there should no be any injustices like there is now in Canada. The statement of reconciliation has not had an affect on these aboriginal.It took affect at beginning when it was first introduced to show they don't show pride in what they did. They offered school and other projects to help them. This changed as time passed.

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