Don't Do it

Shoplifting poster

Resaerch on Shoplifting.

Shoplifting is a problem is the U.S. with hundreds doing it for different ways and different whys.For instance, shoplifting can be a subtle art to some, such as those that use special hidden compartments or a tool that changes the prices on the tag. Others in a big group grab candy or shoes and run. Others speak about why people shoplift. It is almost never about poverty but instead about depression, like why most shoplifting incidents happen on their birthdays. This is even more proven by a quote by Perry Farrel, ¨I enjoy stealing.¨ Most of the shoplifting population is adults. People can shoplift anywhere from a supermarket to a Starbucks. Many websites will allow you to sign up for a class to stop shoplifting because after a while shoplifting is a addiction not a conscious choice. After so long shoplifting is like smoking you want to stop but you just do it in the heat of the moment because you enjoy it. If you do catch a shoplifter ask them what is wrong and try to help them, do contact the authorities though. You are not the law.

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Crystal ball says, ¨This could be your future.¨

Things that will happen to you you if you do shoplift:


Trouble with law,

Trouble with parents,

Reported on your permanent record,

No job.

Things that might happen if you don't shoplift:

Crime free life,

Parents might throw you a party,

Could become president,

Happy life,