Culture of Rome and the U.S.

Citezenship, Law, and Justice

Roman's and the United states citzenship rights

Citizenship belonged to all free, law abiding WHITE people

Rights of citizens

-Able to vote

-Hold officials offices- civil and government

-Own property and write conctracts

-Go to court

But for the U.S we have a whole book of rights and even the ones ffor rome but instead just for whites its for whites, black, mexican, etc.

Not all equal


Male- citizens enjoyed all of the rights

Female had limited rights- not voting or government offices

Slaves- were property with almost no rights- small chances for freedom

Freedmen- were former slaves with limited rights

But america used to have slaves and laws about women not voting but that all changed when years passed when Abraham lincoln made the law about slavery and women were rioting about their rights.


The children of freedmen and women would be born of full roman citizens. The U.S. does the same thing, for example if you had parents that are illegal immagrants from mexico and if you were born in the U.S. then you're not an illegal immagrant only your parents.

Follow the laws

Roman's laws mainly focused on marriage, inheretance which is something when a family members have, and contracts between people. Roman kept their lass written becuase if they weren't they people might misunderstood and then something bad happens. The U.S. also has their laws written in a book. They have a lot more laws and some of them are like romes but instead of killing someone in the colessuem they play sport such as football.

U.S. and roman's justice

Natural laws giving every citizens rights connected to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness. In the U.S. you can find life because killing is illegal, you can find liberty by parts of the government, other individuals, or corporations, and the puruit of hapiness by doing whatever you want in your life (as long as you follow the laws).


Punishments for rome

Fines- pay money


Banishment- have to leave home


Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide- killing your father, was punished by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten, harder work, or often crucified

Punishments for the U.S. is simply paying a large amount of money, jail, and even execution such as hanging, firing squad, lethal injection, gas chamber, and the electricution chair