US Government

Sudanese Divestment Act

What are they doing?

- The U.S will punish companies who manage business with those in Sudan, due to the genocide

-Every 6 months a list of every country and business that were doing business with Sudan were to were to be publically noted.

-U.S. will support state and local efforts to stop further business inquiries and discontinue current investments.

Human Rights

We protect:

- Workers rights

- Right to your own things

- Affair and free world

- Responsibility

What their authority is to address the mission?

- The U.S. is one of the most established countries in the world. We are known for our strong economy, government, and military. Many other countries look up to us. If you take U.S. business out of a still developing country, their economy is going to take a massive hit and could potentially set them back even further. Also, because our country has a strong military many countries look to us for protection. Countries want the U.S. to be an ally.

Who Supports this Mission? Money?

- Most of the money comes from taxes

- The United States Department of State is in control of the U.S.’ international relations. They work with the United Nations, who has access to the world bank. The world bank provides loans to developing countries and other capital programs.

Successes in Darfur

- The U.S. has been able to spread awareness and build refugee camps. A lot of U.S. money has been used for food and other healthcare related issues, since Darfur is struggling with their economy.
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