The Weekly Warrior

March 20, 2016

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State Superintendent-Tony Smith March 24th

We know the time 9:00-9:30! We know we have a slightly different schedule! I have seen in the last 2 weeks some excellent education in our building by various teachers and I am proud of all of you! Who is up for the challenge to have the State Superintendent to be impressed with your excellent teaching skills? He likes to share what he sees at schools in his updates to the state; how will we be remembered?

Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students

Would I like being a student in my own classroom? A teacher tool for reflection:

Do I greet every student with a smile?

Do I ask my students about their personal lives?

Do I use the name of each child at least once during a day or lesson?

Do I notice when students are out of sorts?

Do I laugh with my students?

Do my students trust me?

Can students state their opinions/ give feedback without me retaliating?

Assembly March 24th

Best Schedule I could develop... Here it is..... Schedule

Seating Arrangement

Order of events

Lets display all of our hardware on 1 table. Mrs. Kleehammer in charge.

1. Wrestling team Introduction(Shirley get names and records/accomplishments)

2. Dance team Intro and Performance

3. Boy's/Girl's Basketball (Please introduce your team and say a few words about the season)

4. Cheerleading team Intro and Performance

5. If time permits select 3 GBB players v 3 BBB players free throw competition. 3 minutes switch every minute

Tech Tip

We have had some great success with Breakout Edu’s here at OQ! If you are curious about what a Breakout is… check out this video. Now it is time to check out some of the games that teachers all over the US has created!

The password you can use is: showyourwork

If you want to give it a try we have locks and boxes and other goodies (thanks, Michelle Nevin). Let me know how I can support you.


Check out Mrs. Anderson's Students---- Awesome!

GSCL Baroque

A few changes to PARCC- all three grades start on a Tuesday now

8th grade March 29-31

7:30-8:27 Encore/PE

8:31-9:27 Encore/PE

9:30-10:50 Advisory (Math)

10 minute break

11:00-12:50 Advisory (ELA)

12:50-1:26 lunch

1:30-2:30 Periods 3/4 day 1, Periods 5/7 day 2 and Advisory fun day 3

7th grade April 12-14

7:30-8:50 Math

10 minute break

9:00-10:50 ELA

10:55-11:55 Periods 1/2 day 1, Periods 3/4 day 2 and Advisory fun day 3

12:00-12:30 lunch

12:30-1:27 Period 6 Encore/PE

1:31-2:30 Period 7 Encore/PE

6th grade April 19-21

7:30-9:25 Math test

9:30-10:30 Encore/PE

10: 35- 11:05 lunch

11:09-12:30 ELA test

12:34-1:28 Period 1 day 1, Period 6 Day 2, Day 3 Period 1

1:32-2:30 Period 2 day 1, period 7 Day 2, Day 3 homeroom

#warriorpride Proud we are are recognizing each other this week, it is great to work here!

Use this form to recognize the #warriorpride we see in each other.

Thank you Mrs. Saulys and Miss Goss for internalizing for me last week and on Thursday. The kids love having you teach! Ms. Troc

Thank you Mr. Ryan, Ms. Cleary, Ms. Bauer, Mr. Trobaugh, Mr. Gaw for playing in the game verse the students. It was fun and proved once again, I am getting old aches and pains!lol Mr.B

Thank you Mrs. Hayes, Mrs Chromcak, Mrs. Mattingly, Mrs. Duffy, Mrs. Klukas, Mrs. Kievert, Mr. Alongi, Mrs. Policht, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Burkhardt, Mrs. Slee, Mrs. Ihde for coming to the games to cheer on the students and faculty. It was a great event. If I missed anyone I am sorry. Mr. B

Second Trimester Advisory Panel meets Wednesday March 23rd

Come see the students make two presentations to change the grading scale and to add an additional elective. 3:30-4:45

Challenge to OQ Staff: List Objective or I can statement for each lesson.