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We are here to help ALL of our students succeed in school

We can help students in many order to do well in school students may need assistance with their personal/social, academic and career development needs. The developmental and comprehensive school counseling program at ROE is designed to meet these needs through the following services...individual counseling, group counseling, structured classroom lessons and school-wide activities.

Student Services

  • Individual Counseling: We can meet with students to discuss and work through any number of concerns. Students can see the counselor by filling out a "need to see the counselor" slip. Parents and teachers can also refer a student.

  • Group Counseling: We meet with groups of students for structured, scheduled group sessions that focus on a variety of topics like changing families, girls' group, self-esteem group, friendship group, grief/loss group, school success and much, much more! We meet once a week for 4-6 weeks. Parents can sign their student up for these groups and you are welcome to recommend any student for a small group if you think they would benefit from the experience.

  • Lunch Bunch: We are also available to meet with students during lunch. Lunch Bunch is a time to connect with students in a smaller, less formal group setting. Lunch Bunch is designed to boost self-esteem, social skills and peer relations.

  • Classroom Lessons: We are scheduled to come to your classroom every 6 days to deliver the classroom guidance portion of our program through the special area schedule. Lessons are aligned with the South Carolina and American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards. Topics include meet the counselor, academic success, bullying prevention, empathy/kindness, friendship/social skills, conflict resolution/problem solving strategies, personal safety, career awareness and study skills.

  • School-Wide Activities and Programs: A number of programs and activities are coordinated throughout the school year...some activities include Red Ribbon Week, Helping Hand Food Drive, Angel Tree -- with Mrs. Mahon, College and Career Week, Career Day, The Great Kindness Challenge and March of Dimes. We also coordinate CogAT, SCPASS and ACT tests.

In addition, we work collaboratively with teachers, parents, administration and the community to ensure that students' needs are being met in the school setting.

We are also here to help teachers and staff!

Here are just a few ways we can help you...

1. Do you have a concern or question about one of your students? Please let us know so we can work together and help this student be successful. Please use an ROE school counseling referral form or chat with us to share your concern.

2. Do you have a concern about a particular student? We can do an observation and we can collaborate to address these issues.

3. Behavior Management: We can work together to create and implement classroom behavior plans or individual behavior contracts.

4. Do you need resources for parents? We have many books, DVD's and articles that may help.

5. Parent/Teacher conferences: We are happy to join you for parent meetings.

What is Comprehensive School Counseling?

Comprehensive School Counseling

School Counselors

Shan Goings Francis serving grades CD-2

Cassandra Beale serving grades 3-5

We are here for ALL students