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Things to Know Before Filing a Lawsuit

Complaints: A complaint is a formal notice that a lawsuit is being brought. You need this is file for a lawsuit.

Summons: This is a notice directing someone to appear in court to answer a complaint or a charge.

Pleadings: The complaint and the answer combined in a civil case.

Trial: This is a formal examination of evidence of evidence before a judge, and typically before a jury in order to decide guilt in a case or criminal or civil proceedings.

Verdict: This is the decision in a case made a judge or jury

Appeal: If you don't like the court's final decision, you can ask for a review from a higher court by appealing.

Additional Information

Mediation: May be needed if a situation in which a third party helps the plaintiff and defendant reach an agreement

Arbitration: Needed if a situation in which a third party listens to the plaintiff and defendant, reviews that case and makes a final decision that is binding for both parties

Pretrial Conference: A short hearing where the Judge informs the parties of the steps necessary to get ready for trial.

Preponderance of evidence: The evidence required in a civil lawsuit for the trier of fact to decide in favor of one side or the other.