Animation Resources

Animation Curriculum Development Resources from PBS

Learn about the many aspects of animation through this collection of videos highlighting a range of animation artists. Here you will learn about the history of animation in popular culture, and get tips on how to start your career as an animator.

iStopMotion Software

Hands-down one of the best, affordable, and most intuitive stop motion animation capture program! I believe it is a must-have for anyone who has Apple products capable of movie editing.

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iStopMotion Tutorial
Want to know more about artistic literacy? Click here!

Artistic literacy is the knowledge and understanding required to participate authentically in the arts. Artistic literacy requires students to engage in all of the artistic processes (create, perform/present/produce, respond, and connect).

Artful Tools

This document outlines ways educators can implement the artful tools/protocols of Critical Response and Descriptive Review within their classroom instructional practice.

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